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The StrongHeart biography
– A rock n roll journey

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This is the short story of how Strongheart came to be and the story has already been continued..

2014 was probably the most important year for StrongHeart thus far. The recording of the full-length album “Scream Out Loud” was finished and the album released on Epos MD. In October the band held a memorable release party for their debut album at Rex in Umeå. This was also the year they released their first ever music video, it was for the title track Scream Out Loud. The video was made in collaboration with Nik and his Nikdesign.

StrongHeart also made a short
StrongHeart_BBknug2014-beskurentour on the US east coast.  Well in New York the band performed a couple of gigs in New York and New Jersey, one of them at the well known venue BB Kings Blues Club and Grill (NYC) on Times Square. In the US, the band made their first contact with a handful of people familiar with the scene, like Bon Jovi’s and Mötley Crüe’s former tour leader Andy Schweers.

As Umeå’s largest music and culture fest, “Kulturnatta” was done for the last time ever, StrongHeart had the great honour and pleasure to be the last artist on the largest scene, wrapping the whole thing up after Hoffmaestro. This night they performed in front of a massive crowd in central Umeå, probably the largest crowd the band had entertained thus far.


At the end of the year, StrongHeart started making plans for a European tour in 2015 which will start during the summer and head for central Europe. Another music video was planned as well, this time with the famous video producer Owe Lingwall (Dreamday Media). An upcoming release of the video track along with a previously unreleased track was also planned. Ideas for the second coming album started to form and the band’s ambitions were higher than ever before.

In the year 2013 StrongHeart began the biggest project of their career so far, the recordings of a full-length debut album. They chose to return to the place where it all started, Marcus Elisson’s “Warehouse Studio”. While recording the album they also perform a number of gigs; a two-day tour from Malå to Arvidsjaur and “Kulturnatta” in both Umeå and Luleå.

StrongHeart Kulturnatta 2013 Umea

StrongHeart also performed at the well-known rock n roll venue Harry B James in Stockholm, the rock festival Rock Out Wild in Sorsele and had the honor of being the opening act for Rex Carroll’s and Peter Stenlund’s band P-Rex. Two new songs were also written this year; “Scream Out Loud” and “Friday Night”.

2013 was in many ways an exciting and eventful year for StrongHeart. As if the recording of the album and the constant stream of gigs weren’t enough, the band also made contact with an American manager/agent, Eddie Lee (former booker of Skid Row, among other things). Plans that involved both USA and Europe were taking form and the future of Strongheart seem to look bright.

This was a busy year for StrongHeart. Forming the Strongheart sound further, writing new songs, hard work and a lot of gigs helped the band claim some fame. They played at the ”Culture Nights” in both Umeå, Boden and at “Fyristorg” in Uppsala they entered the stage in front of a massive crowd.

During the spring they recorded and released their first demo which consisted of their four most popular songs: “Touch”, “Lady Lynn”, “Runaway” and “Us Against The World”.  The demo was recorded at Garageland Studios in Umeå. Also during this period StrongHeart’s logo with the human heart with wings was created. During the time that followed, the band also wrote songs like “Break You Down”, “Rebel Queen”, “Fading Away” and “Last Chance”.

IMG_1487-1500px@72dpi Wasa (Fi) 2011-08-11

The summer of 2012 Mathias Wiklund decides to move out of town and leave the band. StrongHeart had two options, search for a new rhythm guitarist or become a band with only one guitar player. The gig at “Fyristorg” in Uppsala was the first they played with only four members and it was a great success. Since that day the constellation of StrongHeart has remained the same: Emil Hägglund, Jessica Nordström, Jesper Westermark and Peter Nyman. StrongHeart continued their progress throughout the year. Media also came to recognise the band and among other things they had a full page interview in the local newspaper “Totalt Umeå”.


StrongHeart 2011

The next change of members take place during the spring of 2011 when John Axelsson (bass) and the band goes separate ways. He´s later replaced by Jesper Westermark. With this line-up StrongHeart began writing and playing their own music. During 2011 songs like “Withered white rose”, “Lady Lynn”, “Runaway” and “Touch” are written. The first gig the band plays, performing their own songs, were at ”Umeå Kulturnatta. With about 200 people in the audience, this was the largest venue the band had played so far. A couple of gigs later they met Nik (also known from his Dark Side Cowboys, Chaos All Stars),  who would play an important role in StrongHeart’s future development.

Unfortunately the meeting not under the best circumstances. During a gig at “Rådhusparken” (a park in Umeå), the band was a man short, had a minimal stage, no monitors, an overall sound that was far from satisfying and a crowd that could be counted on one hand. The situation was not what they had expected. The band left the stage somewhat disappointed, but that was about to change. They got an offer from Nik to join with the culture organisations KF Kretsen and Kulturens, and to play at “Konstens Natt” in Vasa (Finland) during the coming fall. This relation gave the band the opportunity to reach new heights. After the gig in Finland, StrongHeart even ended up on the front page of “Vasabladet” (one of Finland’s largest newspapers). The future lay ahead of the new and improved Strongheart.

StrongHeart made their way through 2009 with a success and a consistent line-up, but the year of 2010 came to be a bit more turbulent in the line-up.
– Jörgen Halläng (lead guitar) leaves the band and was replaced by Lars Arctaedius during the summer of 2010.
– Eric Eriksson (bass) leaves the band and was replaced by John Axelsson.
– Lars Arctaedius (lead guitar) leaves the band and is replaced by Peter Nyman.
– Peter Falk (rhythm guitar) leaves the band and is replaced by Mathias Wiklund.
In the end of 2010 the line-up consisted of: Jessica Nordström (vocals), Emil Hägglund (drums), Peter Nyman (lead guitar), Mathias Wiklund (rhythm guitar) and John Axelsson (bass). Despite all of the changes in the band they were still able to keep on playing through this period.

In retrospect it became clear to the band that the year of 2010 was all about forming the line-up and foundation of Strongheart, although a few more changes were needed in time that would complete the Strongheart identity.


It began in 2009. A group of five restless teenagers, thirsty for the chance to play some real rock n roll came together, learned a couple of songs and two months later they had their first gig at ”Parkfesten”, Nordmaling. It was a success and the audience loved their way of playing the big hits of the 70’s and 80’s. The need for a band name arose and in the end they decided to call themselves “StrongHeart”, which basically was a symbol for their burning passion for music.

At this time the band already had the members Emil Hägglund (drums) and Jessica Nordström (vocals), the only two original members left in StrongHeart as of today. The line-up of 2009 also included Eric Eriksson (bass), Jörgen Halläng (lead guitar) and Peter Falk (rhythm guitar). StrongHeart’s first experience of recording took place at Warehouse Studio with Marcus Elisson, the same man who four years later would record their debut album.