“This album does make you scream”!

Debut album Scream Out Loud has been well accepted, both in Swedish and international press!

Here are some of the things that’s been said:

 “From the depths of Northern Sweden, this four-piece have honed their skills for a few years now and have decided that now is their time. Surprisingly unsigned when this was released, StrongHeart fill the gaps between Bulletboys and Danger Danger with attitude and smokin’ guitar riffs sat alongside radio rock and they never really disappoint”

 “I’m more than happy to suggest that StrongHeart stand out because the vocals enhance their project rather than take away from it”

 “’Rebel Queen’, with its Zakk Wlyde/Ozzy riffage, is one of the standout tracks, as is ‘Runaway’ (which has more than a passing resemblance to the classic Motörhead track, ‘Cradle To The Grave’ at the start) before the bass lines and sleaze vocals delivery of ‘Last Chance’ remind you of Bang Tango.”

- Uber Rock 14 August 2015

“Vocalist Jess Heart has a very good strong voice that suits guitar-heavy rock down to the ground. She reminds me of metal queens of old, like Lee Aaron, Doro and Joan Jett, spitting fire and brimstone while still retaining her innate femininity.”

 “It’s always good to hear metal that features a strong female on leads vocals, so I was looking forward to this debut from Swedish four-piece StrongHeart.”

 - Fireworks Magazine Nr sep/oct 2015


”This Album does make you scream”

”There’s always something fun to listen to. Whether a hip shaking bass and regulation dirty solo (‘Last Chance) or gentle lilting offer (‘Withered White Rose’), they know what they want to do and deliver well”.

– Powerplay Magazine

In Swedish:

 ”Från Nordmaling och Umeå kommer denna kvartett som på sin debutskiva bjuder på sådär glammigt sleazy (eller om det är sleazigt glammig?) rock n roll som får en att tänka på doften av hårspray.”

”Det är musikaliskt kompetent och välspelat och sångerskan Jessica ”Jess Heart” Nordström har utan tvivel en klart godkänd röst.”

 -Sweden Rock Magazine Nr 11 2014

Snygg produktion, bra ljudbild som är både modern och sådär lagom skitig för att intressera lyssnaren.”

 Det är ett väldigt bra album, bra driv och energi som jag varit inne på. Starka låtar överlag och som musiklyssnare kan jag definitivt starkt tilltalas av detta med sin välbekanta stil och ljudbild, det är enkelt och underhållande utan konstigheter.

Underhållande album som hårdrockaren med alla sannolikhet kommer att finna väl värt att ge en stund av sitt liv, jag kan rekommendera er som gillar enkel och rak hårdrock att titta närmare på detta fina album.

- Hallowed.se 

Parting ways

StrongHeart has parted ways with guitarist Peter ”Snake” Nyman. The band wishes him the best of luck in the future!

At the moment, StrongHeart is looking for a fourth and final member!

Stay Strong!

Scream Out Loud to Italy

StrongHeart will join forces with Italian Glam band 17 Crash for
a tour in Italy in November! The band is really looking forward
to landing on Italian soil!

Rock on!

For more info, check the gigs section!

scream out loud - Italy

Friday Night Single

FN Omslag


The Friday Night single is here! Today StrongHeart releases their first single
ever, containing the title track as well as the bonus track Move On.

The single is available on Spotify and in an exclusive
CD-edition  (50 copies only!

Stay Strong!


Friday Night Release Date

New Single and Video!



StrongHeart will release the single  Friday Night on May 27.
The single features two tracks, Friday Night and the bonus
track Move On! Available on Spotify and iTunes.

StrongHeart will also release the music video for Friday Night on
May 29!

Stay Strong (and tuned)!

Photo from inside the Friday Night video.

New Gigs: Harry B James


StrongHeart will be back at Harry B James on May 1st! The band is looking forward being back in one of Stockholms best known rock bars to rock out!

For more info, see the Gigs section.

Stay Strong and Rock On!

New Music video and single release!

During the last months StrongHeart has been working on their second music video with the producer Owe Lingvall (Dreamday Media). The band is also planning the release of the single Friday Night with a bonus track that has never been published before!

Release date coming soon!

Check out some of Owe’s previous work below!

Scream Out Loud

Today StrongHearts debut album is released! A lot of work has been put in to this record and we’re very proud to share with you: Scream Out Loud!

Rock On!

Scream Out Loud Tracklist

The release of the debut album Scream Out Loud is here! This Friday, October 24, it’s time for some new in-your-face-rock ‘n’ roll.

Scream Out Loud – Tracklist

1. Friday Night

2. Last Chance

3. Lady Lynn

4. Runaway

5. Fading Away

6. Scream Out Loud

7. Touch

8. Break You Down

9. Withered White Rose

10. Rebel Queen

Maybe one of these songs is going to be your favorite? When you buy your copy of Scream Out Loud you will be able to scream along to all the lyrics with a smart booklet!

Order your copy at: info@strongheart.se

and visit www.facebook.com/strongheartSWE

Scream Out Loud trailer


October 24 it’s time for the release of the new album ”Scream Out Loud”. Here’s a trailer of what you don’t want to miss.


Scream Out Loud Release Date

New Album out October 24 

StrongHearts new album Scream Out Loud is ready to fly directly into your hearts. With a release party October 24 at Rex (Umeå) they will meet with you, celebrate with you and play for you. The record will be available to buy for the first time at the release party!  It’s something you sure don’t want to miss!


New Gigs: USA

The band will be doing a mini-tour on the US east coast! StrongHeart will stop by New York and New Jersey and play at the well known venues BB-Kings Blues Club and Grill and The Saint.

For more info, see the Gigs section

New Gigs: Kulturnatta

StrongHeart will be the closing act for Umeås greatest music fest, Kulturnatta (May 24th)! Come and check it out at the main stage at 23:00.

For more, see the Gigs section.


StrongHeart will be hosting a crowdfunding event on February the 15th for the coming album. It will be held at Droskan, Umeå. You don’t want to miss this!

For more info, se the Gigs section.

New official photos!

The new logo is here (!) along with a set of official photos for 2014! You’ll be seeing more of those in the future.

Check out the photos in the Pictures section!

Stay Strong and Rock On!